5 Tips to Stay Motivated


We all need a little motivation from time to time so here are 5 tips to help YOU stay motivated!

1. Drop the All or Nothing approach.  You don’t need to exercise for hours every day or deprive yourself of your favorite foods.
2.  All the small things you do everyday add up to help you meet your goals.  Example: getting fat-free milk instead of whole milk in your morning latte or eating your almonds for an afternoon snack instead of the leftover cookies in the break room.

3. Workout with a friend.  You will both stay accountable to each other and you can help each other reach your goals.  Plus, it’s       always more fun to workout when you have someone to talk to!

4.  Write down small, realistic goals and reward yourself for meeting those goals.  Example: losing 5lbs or eating 5 servings of fruit/veggies in 1 day or lifting weights 3 days a week.  Your reward could be: new workout clothes, new music to listen to while working out, a manicure…etc

5. Take your body measurements once a month and then you will be able to see that what you are doing is working


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