Healthy Tailgating

Fall is here.  The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler and football is in full swing.  If you are headed off to a football party or to do some tailgating before the big game, read these tips so you can have your favorite snacks and still fit into your skinny jeans!

1. Before going to the party eat a snack with protein in it.  Examples-protein shake, string cheese with almonds, banana and peanut butter.  It will fill you up so you aren’t starving when you get to the party.

2. Preview all the choices before putting food on your plate.  Decide what you want to try and pick those foods.

3. Make sure to include protein (like chicken, hamburgers, or steak)

4.  Tortilla chips and salsa is a good choice if you are craving chips and dip

5.  Bring something to the party that is tasty and healthy.  Examples-veggies and hummus or steak bites

Enjoy the game, friendship and fun!

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