Healthy on the go?

I get a lot of questions from people asking how they can eat healthy when they are out running errands or shuttling the kids to games, friends…etc.  It is actually easy to eat healthy when on the go, but it does require a bit of planning on your part.

Today I was running errands and needed lunch.  I could have gone to a fast food restaurant and ordered something fried but I chose to be healthy.  I went to my grocery store (I had to buy groceries anyways) and put together a salad from their salad bar.

I put lots of veggies on my salad, egg (for protein) and a sprinkle of blue cheese (instead of dressing).

Here are some ideas you can use when you are out and about and need to eat healthy in a hurry:

1. Load up on veggies and protein from your local salad bar or fast food restaurant

2. If you don’t want salad order a grilled chicken or hamburger (don’t eat the fries or bun) and order a fruit cup

3. Watch out for smoothie places-typically the smoothies are loaded with sugar, so look at the nutritional values before ordering

4. Pack your lunch and bring it with you


With just a bit of thinking ahead you will be able to eat healthy on the go and stick to your weight-loss goal!

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