How to keep going

Reaching your goals is all about being consistent.  The reason people fall short of reaching their goal is because they stop being consistent.  Being consistent means doing what it takes day after day even if you get bored or feel like you don’t want to, you keep at it because you want to reach your goal.

Exercise is typically one of those goals for most people.  They want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy but without consistent exercise and nutrition you won’t make it to your goal.  You have to find exercise that you like to do because then you will continue to do it.  You also need to find a workout buddy.  Studies have shown people who workout together exercise longer, are more likely to reach their goals and they enjoy the workout because they are doing it with a friend.  Using a personal trainer is a great way to stay consistent.  They will tell you exactly what you should be doing and hold you accountable.  If you don’t want to use a trainer in-person online training is for you then.  Online training is similar to in-person training except you workout with a virtual trainer.  I give my clients their workouts every Monday.  Each exercise comes with a video to watch.  I can also see if someone has been doing their workouts or not doing their workouts so I can give you a push when you need it.  Online training is typically cheaper then in-person training and it works great for those people who like to workout at home or travel a lot.  The workouts are geared for your body, your goals and for where you workout.

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So grab a buddy and stay consistent and you will reach your goals this year!

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