Holiday Tips Part 2

The holidays are here!

Between holiday parties, meeting up with family, cocktail parties with friends, cookie swaps and everything in between how are you keeping healthy this holiday season?  Don’t fret if you haven’t been eating healthy.

These easy tips will help you stay healthy this holiday season while still enjoying the holiday cookies.

  1. Fit in exercise any where you can.  Example: park farther away from the store entrance, take the stairs to work, try out some of the 3 minute videos I have  Watch all the videos here.
  2. Get enough sleep.  Try to get 8 hours of sleep each night.  It will lower your stress level and keep you waistline in check.  Did you know that people who are sleep deprived weigh more then those that sleep 8+hours each night.  That’s because when you are tired you tend to reach for high carb, high fat foods.
  3. Have a treat every day.  By eating a treat every day you are not missing out on any of those holiday cookies you want.

These quick and easy tips will help you stay healthy while enjoying all the goodies this holiday season.

happy holidays

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