Challenges, New Years Goals and More!

The New Year is 4 days away!  Are you planning your New Years Eve festivities?  Are you setting goals for the new year?  I am working on all of the above.  I am also working on 3 Health and Wellness Challenges for this new year and I want you to join me.

Why join a Health and Wellness Challenge?  Well, now is the time of year to start fresh.  Learn how to eat smarter, eat healthier, workout better and learn how to NOT be on a diet.  Let’s STOP the dieting cycle and just learn how to be healthy while having fun.  So if this sounds good to you then check out my 3 different options for YOU to join ME on our journey to health.


1. Join  me for a FREE 21-Day Challenge.  It is the “Get Healthy, Wealthy and Lean in 2016 Challenge”  This challenge is FREE to all participants.  We will be chatting daily via a secret Facebook group and emails.  We will learn what foods to eat, what foods to limit, how you can workout in 20 minutes or less a day and how to increase your pocketbook in 2016!  This challenge is open to everyone regardless of where you live.  If you want IN please email me at   This challenge starts January 11th


2.  “New Year, New You” Challenge starts January 4th.  This challenge is offered at Body Works in Prescott WI.  This is 8 weeks long and consists of weekly meal plans, 1-on-1 nutritional consults, meeting with a trainer and your small group 2 times a week for a workout and “homework” to do at Body Works.  Check out then click on the classes tab for more info on the challenge.


3.  My 3rd challenge is a YEAR LONG challenge!  I am super excited to be partnering with Prescott Chiropractic for this challenge.  This challenge will be held at Prescott Chiropractic and Body Works in Prescott WI.  Each month we will have a seminar that will teach you how to live a healthier life and we will workout together.  The price for this challenge is $20.16 (for 2016).  We will be giving additional tips via our secret Facebook group.  Prizes are involved!!  For more information call Body Works at 715-202-2053 or email us at

I hope to “see” you at one of these challenges!  Make 2016 your best year yet!

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