Why diets fail

Why Diets Fail

I know what your probably thinking, “A personal trainer telling us that diets are failing?”  Yes, that is what I am saying.  Dieting does not work.  There are thousands of diets out there……the cabbage soup diet, the low carb diet, the Paleo diet, the high fat diet, the french women’s diet…etc.  Some of these diets tell you to eat no fat, some say eat fat, some say don’t eat fruit just meat, some say eat only veggies…….there is so much mis-information out there.  No wonder the diet industry is a 1 billion+ dollar industry!!  All of these “diets” are doing an injustice to the public.  They are spreading mis-information around and perpetuating the myth that you can lose weight in 10 days, 20 days, 30 days and you will be happy-oh and it doesn’t take any work!

Diets fail because it is short term.  What happens when you are done with the diet?  What happens when you did lose that 10, 20, 30 pounds?  Typically, what happens is you gain it all back plus more because you fall back into bad eating habits.  Why do you fall back into those bad eating habits?  Because your diet was a short term fix to a long term problem.  It didn’t teach you how change your habits or what to do during the holidays or a birthday celebration.  In order for a diet to work you have to stop thinking it is a diet-this is NOT a short term fix.  If you really want to lose weight and keep it off it is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

So, can you lose weight and keep it off?  YES, but I will tell you something no one wants to hear………it takes work.  It takes being consistent with healthy eating habits and exercise daily to lose weight and keep it off.  There is NO magic pill, there is no special food to eat or not to eat, there is no special vitamin that will make you lose weight.  It takes a change in your mindset to realize this is a lifestyle change.  It takes you realizing you deserve to be healthy for YOU not for anyone else or for any other reason.

When you are ready for that-I am here to help you.  I know what it takes to make this a lifestyle change.  The meal planning is not hard but it does take time.  You do need to exercise, so make time for it.  I only want to work with people who are ready to make a change.  Make 2016 the year about YOU!  Put YOU first, love yourself no matter what size you are right now.  This is about choosing to be healthy for your life….not for anyone else or for anything else.

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