This is what’s wrong with the weight-loss industry!

I just read an article on Yahoo News, that a researcher did a study on women who were trying to lose weight.  The researcher found that if you taught the women how to read food labels, teach them healthy ways to eat and helped them cut out 200 calories a day from their diet they lost weight and maintained their weight loss.  WHAT!  This is a NEWS STORY!!!

That is what’s WRONG with the weight-loss industry!  They don’t want you to know how to make a lifestyle change because if you know how to lose weight correctly and keep the weight off you are not going to go buy their pills, shakes…etc again because you won’t yo-yo diet anymore.

I am very passionate about helping people make a lifestyle change without feeling deprived.  You need to know how to shop the grocery store, read food lables, know what foods you should be eating all the time and which foods you should eat once in a while.  Combine that with an exercise plan and you have a  LIFESTYLE you can live with and maintain your weight(or lose weight if that’s your goal).

I know the “magic pills”, shakes…etc all say you will lose TONS of weight in a short amount of time, but then what happens….you gain it all back plus more!  That’s why you need to make a LIFESTYLE change if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good!  Learn how to exercise, read food labels and learn how to eat healthy for you and your family.

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