What are you rolling on?

When I’m at the gym, in between training sessions I foam roll.  I usually see people looking and wondering “what is she doing?”.  A foam roll is the piece of equipment in the gym that nobody is using and it’s usually in the corner tucked away (because no one is using it).

The foam roller is a form of self massage.  I think it is the BEST tool to help stretch your muscles and to help you recover after a hard workout.  You can use the foam roller to help get out  “knots” in your muscles, to help your muscles recover faster after a hard workout or to help warm-up your muscles before you workout.

Foam rolling helps to relax the “knot” or tight muscle you have.  After you foam roll then stretch that same muscle to help lengthen and further stretch it.


You can click on the link below to watch a video on how to foam roll.  In this video I am showing how to foam roll your calves.  On my youtube channel I also show how to foam roll inner thighs and hamstrings.

Foam Rolling

If you are interested in getting your own foam rolling for at home (I highly recommend this) you can get this one I have at Amazon.com (click on the picture to view it in Amazon’s site)


Go forth and roll!


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