Willpower and Temptations

Willpower and Temptations

At Body Works we are on Week 4 of our Biggest Loser Challenge.  The teams are doing great!  On average our participants have lost 5lbs and 7 inches in 4 weeks.  That is over 1lb a week!  Not only is that amazing, it is sustainable, meaning they can continue to lose weight at that pace even when they are done with the challenge.  Our participants meet with a trainer 2 times a week to do a workout.  They are given “homework” to complete on their own.  They are also following a healthy diet.  We have 2 weeks to go before we crown Body Works Biggest Loser!

When you are trying to lose weight it may seem like everyone around you is eating food you can’t, so how do you stick to your diet when everyone else eats chips?  Here are a few tips you can use when your willpower starts to go.

  1. Remember why you are losing weight.  What is your reason, your goal.  Does eating that food bring you closer to your goal?  If the answer is NO, then don’t eat it
  2. Is that food REALLY what you want or are you bored?  Drink a glass of water then wait 10 minutes.  If after 10 minutes you still want that food have a couple of bites.
  3. Most junk food actually doesn’t taste that good.  Take 1 bite and really taste it.  Do you really want to waste 300-800 calories on “junk” after you just worked out?

Remember, your body is not a trash can so don’t feed it junk.  Feed your body so you feel good.   Hopefully, these tips will help you next time you are tempted to reach for the junk food.

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