5 Tips to avoid the fat traps at your local restaurant

How to avoid the fat traps at restaurants

Here are 5 tips to help you stick to your goal and still enjoy going out to eat.  These tips will help you avoid the fat traps and calorie bombs at your favorite restaurant.


1.  Just say NO to the bread basket.  Tell the waiter to not bring the bread basket to the table or if you are with people who want the bread basket, have the basket left at the opposite side of the table from where you are sitting and cover the bread with a napkin so you can’t see it.  Saying no to the bread basket will save you  a lot of calories


2. Share your entree.  As we all know restaurant portions are HUGE.  So share your entree with your spouse or a friend it will reduce your calories and your both saving money.


3. Pick dessert or a drink, but not both.


4. If you don’t want to share your entree, tell the waiter to bring you 1/2 of the dish and box up the other 1/2 for you to take home.


5. If you order a salad ask for your dressing on the side.  Typically restaurants put on a lot of extra dressing that you don’t need.  So by asking for it on the side you can control how much dressing you use on the salad.



I would love to hear what your tips are for navigating the calorie bombs at your favorite restaurant.  Share with us here or at www.facebook.com/personaltrainingwithlisa


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