5 Tips to Help You Not Gain Weight on Vacation

5 Tips to Help You NOT Gain Weight on Vacation



When you go on vacation do you treat it like a free for all…….eat what you want, when you want.  It doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not?

When I go on vacation I don’t see it as a time to eat whatever I want, whenever I want.  I don’t go crazy for a few reasons.  The first reason, I don’t feel good when I eat junk.  It makes my stomach hurt, it gives me a headache…etc, so why would I want to make myself feel like that?  Secondly,  I don’t want to come home from vacation gaining weight and have to lose the weight I put on during vacation.


Do I splurge a little more on vacation? Yes.  Do I go crazy…..no.  Here are my tips for being healthy while still enjoying your vacation.


  1. Eat breakfast AND make sure it includes protein.  I always make sure to eat eggs during breakfast.  If I want pancakes then I share them with everyone else.
  2. Eat salad for lunch. I always try to include a big salad for 1 meal.  I usually do this during lunch.
  3. Supper is a “free for all”. I normally choose a protein (fish if we are in a tropical desination), veggies and I will eat some of the starch (French fries, potato…etc).  I almost always get dessert.  BUT only if it is made fresh in the restaurant.   I don’t want to waste calories on a dessert I can buy at the grocery store.
  4. Drinks-I don’t drink a ton at home so the drinking consumption doesn’t go up that much on vacation either. No matter how much you drink always make sure to drink water between each drink so you don’t get dehydrated.  AND always have 1 glass of water before bed.
  5. Get in some exercise like walking on the beach, hiking, paddle boarding, swimming…etc will help offset the extra calories you are eating.


Vacation is a time to get away and refresh yourself.  You can still have a great vacation and be healthy.  You just have to learn to choose when you are going to indulge and when you are going to be healthy.  Have a great vacation!

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