5 Tips for a Fit Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here!  What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?  Mine is the stuffing.  I don’t eat stuffing any other time of the year so when it’s on the Thanksgiving table I am all in!

Did you know Americans consume 4,000-8,000 just during Thanksgiving dinner?

Here are some tips to help you enjoy Thanksgiving without ruining your diet.

1. Eat breakfast on Thanksgiving Day.  You may be tempted to skip breakfast to save up for Thanksgiving dinner, but don’t do that.  It will only make you even more hungry and you will end up eating more calories then if you would have ate breakfast.

2.  After Thanksgiving dinner go for a family walk or play outside with the kids.  This is help burn some calories so you don’t feel so full.

3.   Enjoy the meal.  Take the time to savor the food you are eating instead of just stuffing it in.  Enjoy the food you don’t eat on a regular basis.

4.  Over the holiday weekend get in a workout.  You can find everything from body weight only workouts to 3 minute workouts click here to view all the workouts

5.  Friday is a new day.  Get back on track by eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and supper.


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