Healthy Holidays

The holiday season is here!

This time of year is all about maintaining.  Forgot about dieting or trying to lose weight.

Your goal during the holiday season is to enjoy the season and maintain your weight.  So, how can you maintain your weight when there are holiday parties, work parties, holiday concerts…etc. to attend?

Here are some easy tips you can do right now that will help you maintain but still enjoy the holiday season.

Eat healthy during the week.  Fill up on protein, veggies, fruit and complex carbs.

When you are at the holiday parties enjoy the “special” food you only get during this time of year.  Skip the food you can eat anytime (like meatballs, mashed potatoes..etc)

Fit in exercise any way you can.  If you don’t have time to knock out a 30 minute workout do 3-10 minute workouts throughout the course of the day.  You could also hit the gym over your lunch hour so  your evening is free to do your holiday shopping.

Sticking to an exercise routine will help you to maintain your weight and de-bloat from the rich foods you will be eating.  Plus, once January comes you won’t feel like you are starting over again.

I hope these tips help you stay healthy during the holiday season.  Enjoy the holidays-they only come once a year!


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