Healthy BBQ

With summer in full swing we are all headed out to bbq’s, potlucks, campfires…etc.  It is always fun to get together with family and friends and enjoy the warm weather, but sometimes it’s hard to know which foods to eat when you are at the cookout.

So, here is your guide to a healthy BBQ.  Make this July 4th fun and swimsuit friendly with these great tips:

1. pick protein first.  Try your hamburger sans bun,  use lettuce instead

2. pile on the veggies-all different colors

3. pick fruit to statisfy your sweet tooth

4. if there is a dish you can’t resist take a spoonful and enjoy it

5.  before you go to the BBQ eat a light snack so you don’t show up and eat all the apps because you are starving

Here is a easy recipe you can make for your July 4th BBQ

Fruit Flag

2 sliced bananas (maybe more depending on how many people are coming)

1 carton of blueberries

2 cartons of strawberries

2  sugar-free, fat- free chocolate pudding cups

Slice the bananas and strawberries and put them on a platter.  The bananas are the white stripe on the flag.  The strawberries are the red stripe.

Keep alternating the stripes until it looks like a flag.  Put the blueberries in a white bowl and put them on the top left corner for the stars.  Put the pudding cups in a dish and set next to the platter.  Dip your fruit into the pudding cups for a swimsuit friendly dessert.

Fruit Flag


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