#1 Thing You Are Doing Wrong At The Gym

#1 Thing You Are Doing Wrong At The Gym

Step away from the weight machines!

You’re probably wondering why I would suggest stepping away from the weight machines.  I’m the one who tells you that you need to lift weights…….and yes, I said step away from the weight MACHINES.  I have noticed in the gym that most people gravitate towards the weight machines thinking they are going to accomplish their goal of losing weight and “toning up”.    I am all for using weight machines when they, 1) are used correctly and 2) are helping you towards your goal.

Most people I have trained or seen in the gym don’t need to use weight machines.  They need to do bodyweight exercises and use dumbbells to get them to their goals.  You may be thinking why????  because most people need to work their core.  I believe the core is the most important part of the body.  That is where your balance, stability and power come from…and weight machines do NOT work your core.

Using dumbbells and body weight exercises not only works your core, but you are also working your stabilizing muscles and you can do compound exercises so you get more done in  a shorter amount of time!  Plus, you will burn more calories because it raises your heart rate more than sitting on a machine.

So, next time you step into the gym, try doing your strength training with dumbbells or your body weight.  You will work your core more and you will be sweating more too, I guarantee it.


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