My Story

Every now and then, I like to revisit how I got into this field.  I was working in corporate America, but after I had my son, I wanted to do something else, something that would help people feel good.  I had always had an interest in health and fitness so I decided to invest in myself and go into the personal training field.

I have helped everyone from high school athletes all the way to an elderly man coming back from hip surgery.  I absolutely love to help people go through the health/fitness process so they can realize their goals.

I can’t say one of my clients is a better success story than another.  They are all different.  Helping the elderly man be able to walk again without his cane is just as powerful as helping a mom lose 40 lbs and seeing her ecstatic in her body or helping an althete rehab an injury and watching her play again injury-free.

I have found that there truly is a system that works to get my clients to realize their goals.  There most definitely is hard work involved, both on my part and my clients part, but if the outcome is a greater want than where you are now-take the step to start towards your goal!

I have four different programs to fit anyone’s situation: my Fit 4 Life membership, Online Personal Training with me, Nutrition coaching/Personal training with me and my signature premium package.

With the attention and energy I invest in these programs, I only take a few new clients each month, and I make sure they are committed to making a change.  If you want help taking that next step, contact me via so we can set-up a one-on-one discussion to talk about your goals and where you want to be.


I look forward to talking with you soon!

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