Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

How YOU are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Could you be sabotaging your weight loss?  You’re probably thinking “No Way”.  But before you disregard this post read on and make sure you are not being your own worst enemy.

When I am doing a consultation with a prospective client I always ask, “What have you tried before?”  I ask this question because I want to know what they have tried, what their commitment level is with a program and I want to find out if are they program jumpers.  If you are a program jumper, if you stop and start a new program every week, if you lose weight then gain most of it back… are sabotaging your weight loss.  If this is you read on for tips on how you can stop sabotaging and start losing weight.

  1. When you buy a weight loss program and whether it is for 30 days or 8 weeks, stick with it.  Even if you think it is not working stick with it for the duration of the program.  You are not going to see results overnight.  You didn’t gain the weight overnight so why do you think you can lose the weight overnight?  Follow the program and see what the results are at the end.  If you keep jumping from program to program it damages your metabolism and that is hard to fix.
  2. Before starting a new program check it out.  Make sure it is something you can follow for the duration of the program and after the program is done.  If the program makes you stop eating a food group or dramatically decreases your calories you are not going to be able to follow that for your lifetime.  If you can’t follow it for your lifetime then don’t try the program.
  3.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  Losing weight takes time.  It does not happen overnight.  Being consistent and persistent with your healthy lifestyle will give you the results you want to see.

Keep going and keep learning.  Not all programs work for everyone.  Find one that you can implement, that works within your life and try it.

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