5 Tips to Help You Stay on Track

5 Tips to Help You Stay On Track This Summer

Summer is coming.  The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer.  So why should you head into the gym when it’s nice outside?  You are probably telling yourself, “I’ll walk outside” or “yard work can count as my exercise”.  Why go into the air conditioned gym when it’s finally warm outside?  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Walking outside is not the same as lifting weights neither is yard work.  How many times do you say, “I’m going for a walk outside” but then you don’t do it because there is laundry to do or supper to cook.  Summer is the time when we are wearing the least amount of clothing so you better keep up your workouts!

Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track this summer and why you should use the gym.

  1.  Routine-you are already in a routine of going to the gym and doing your workout.  Once you fall out of that routine it will be harder to start it again come fall.  Just get in and do your workout then go enjoy the weather.
  2. Sleep better-did you know exercising helps you to sleep better.  You will feel more rested so you can enjoy the weather instead of taking a nap inside during the afternoon.  Plus, the more rested you feel the less likely you are to binge it, especially on high fat/high sugar foods. Your body craves high fat/high sugar foods when it is tired.
  3. Keep off the pounds-In the summer we all eat and drink more.  You are at more social events, on the boat, at the cabin so you consume more calories.  If you don’t do something to keep those extra calories at bay by Labor Day your jeans will not fit!  By keeping up your workouts at the gym you will be able to maintain your weight and still enjoy a few extra cocktails AND your jeans will fit on Labor Day.
  4. Try a new class-In the summer class attendance usually drops a bit, so take advantage of this and try out some new classes that might normally be full in the fall and winter.  Plus, trying new things helps keep the memory sharp.
  5. It will help you make healthier choices- Research shows that working out helps us to make healthier choices.  After a workout you are more likely to grab fruit or veggies then a cookie.  So, by going to the gym and getting in your workouts it will help you to make healthier choices on a daily basis and at social events.

Stay on track with your workouts this summer and your jeans will thank you in the fall!  Plus, you will feel amazing in your swimming suite this summer.  Here is a quick 15 minute strength workout you can do at the gym this summer to build lean muscle and burn fat all day long  https://youtu.be/84NDdpBvoMY

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