5 Fitness Tips for Golfers

5 Fitness Tips for Golfers

Most people don’t think about fitness when they think about golf.  Knowing how to tailor your fitness program to help you during golf season will help you to become a better golfer.  Having a golf fitness program will help you to reduce your risk of injury and help you to hit the ball farther.  Whether you hit the greens every day or once a month these fitness tips will help you stay in top form for your golf game.

  1.  Stretch.  I know it’s not sexy but stretching your tight muscles will help you to achieve a better range of motion allowing for more rotation during your swing.  Watch the video for 3 stretches you can do to help improve your swing.  I made this video for a magazine publication I write for called, Tee Times.  click here for the stretches
  2. Warm-up.  Before heading the greens make sure you warm up so your body is ready for your golf game.  Besides taking some warm-up swings walking lunges and twists will help your back and leg muscles get ready to swing.  To perform a walking lunge, stand upright and put your right foot forward, bend both knees while keeping your chest lifted.  Bring your left foot to meet your right foot then put the left foot forward keep alternating your legs until you have done 10 reps on each side.  To warm up the low back put a golf club behind your head, resting on your upper back.  Gently rotate your torso to the right pivoting on the left foot then twist the other direction.  Make sure you pivot on your foot so you don’t hurt your knee.

    3. Strengthen your core.  Before, during and after the golf season keep your core strong by including a side plank into your fitness routine.  click here to see the video for side plank

    4. Include cardiovascular exercise into your fitness program.  You might not think that golf is a cardiovascular activity but you can burn 600+calories during a round of golf.  Include walking, biking…etc to your fitness routine and you will notice a difference in your endurance.  It will be easier to walk the greens and to play 18 holes.

    5. Lift Weights.  Lifting weights 2-3 days a week will strengthen your body and help you to become a better golfer.  Make sure you hit on all the major muscle groups and include some compound exercises like a deadlift with row


If you are interested in working with a Golf Fitness Specialist or learning more about having a personalized golf fitness program contact me at www.personaltrainingwithlisa.com or at www.bodyworksprescott.com

Golf is a great life-long sport.  Including these tips into your fitness routine will help you to enjoy the game of golf for a long time.

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