My top 3 tips

We are wrapping up our 30 Days of Get Fit for Spring so I thought I would do a video for the last day.  It is my top 3 best tips that will keep you on track and help you up if you have fallen off the health wagon.

These tips are super easy to implement so I can’t wait to hear from you what your goals are!

Click 3 Top Tips to watch the video now!


Here are my 3 tips to keep you motivated:

1. Make an internal goal-meaning make your goal about YOU-get healthy for YOU, not for anyone else.

2. Find a buddy you can workout with and that you trust to pick you up when you fall down

3. Make a rewards board!!  Either on pinterest or a scrapbook page of what you are going to reward yourself with when you reach your goals…..mani/pedi, a vacation, new clothes….etc.


I love hearing from you so please share your tips and goals with us at

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