Get Summer Ready Now

Get Summer Ready Now

Did summer sneak up on you?  Was this the year you were going to be swim suite ready by summer but that just didn’t happen?  That’s ok.  These 5 tips will help you get summer ready now.  Memorial Day is right around the corner, the unofficial start of summer is almost here!


  1. Eat more protein and veggies.  Fill your plate half up with veggies, a quarter with protein and another quarter with fruit.  Protein and fiber help to fill you up without filling you out.
  2. Drink more water.  Put down the soda and drink more water.  Add lemon, lime and cucumber slices with a mint spring to your water.  It is your go-to detox water.
  3. Start exercising.  Do 3 days of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.  Add intervals to 1 day of your cardiovascular workout to kick up the burn.
  4. Lift weights.  Lifting weights will help you to lean out, tone your muscles and burn fat.  Starting with lifts that target big muscle groups like squats, lunges, hip bridges, chest press, row, planks.  Do this 3 days a week.  If you don’t know how to do these exercises check them out on my youtube channel
  5. Watch your alcohol intake.  Alcohol has calories and what you mix with it has calories.  Be mindful of what you drink.  Plus, when people start to drink they usually start to eat foods that are higher in fat and calories.  So, be careful at your next happy hour.


Implement these 5 tips right now to help you get summer ready in no time.  If you need more help with nutrition or workouts check out and

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