How to be YOU in the fitness world

How to be YOU in the fitness world

Scrolling through the Instagram feed and you see a ton of fitness people trying to sell their  workouts.  Their workout is  “the best thing ever” they say, or how about the ones that say “do this workout and you will look like me”.  I am here to tell you that doing leg lifts will not get you to where they are.  The ones taking selfies on Instagram do not do the workout they are trying to get you to buy.  If they posted their workout and eating plan they know no one would buy it-why because it is unrealistic.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to run for hours on end and eat chicken and broccoli all day…..yuck!    But yet people buy those programs hoping to look like those people.

Today in yoga class, Molly, our yoga teacher had a great lesson: Be your true self.  Be the healthiest, happiest version of YOU.  Everyone’s body is different stop comparing yourself to what you see on Instagram.  Everyone has their own journey.  Decide what you want yours to be and go for it.  So, how can you be your true self, your healthiest-happiest self at the gym?

  1.  Decide what you like to do and do that.  If you don’t like to run then don’t.  If you want to learn how to run, then ask a professional to teach you.  Try new classes until you find something you like.
  2. Take small steps every day towards your goal.  Try to eat 1 more serving of veggies today then you did yesterday OR drink an extra glass of water
  3. If you decide to go on a “diet” find on that you will be able to stick with for longer then 30 days.  That usually means a diet that let’s you eat most all foods just in moderation.  If a diet says NO to a certain food group steer clear of that “diet”.  Remember-fast weight loss is almost always followed by faster weight gain.  Slow and steady wins the race.
  4. Workout with a buddy.  It is always more fun with a friend.  You can hold each other accountability and try new exercises or classes together.

lifestyle change

Every day is a new day.  Every meal is a new beginning.  So stop scrolling through Instagram and get walking or lifting weights or taking a class or whatever it is that makes you want to move.  It is a journey so learn it, live it and enjoy it.

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