Healthy Eating Made Easy

Healthy Eating Made Easy

I know you are probably thinking, can health eating be easy?  It seems like it is a process and it is hard but I have found some programs that will help you to stay on track with your healthy eating plan.  The 3 programs I am going to list today cost anywhere from Free to 89.99/week.

The first one is myfitnesspal  this free app will track your food intake, calorie intake, exercise, and more.  The app will give you a calorie range to stay in based on what you tell it.  You can make graphs and see pie charts of your protein percent, fat percent and more.  This app is great for those of you that like to track what you are eating and stay within a certain calorie range.

The second one is Once a Month Meals.  This service gives you everything you need to shop, prep and cook a bulk of your monthly meals in just one day—and freeze those meals for when you want to eat them. They offer a lot of different meal plan options (traditional, paleo, diet…etc) and you can customize the menu!  The price is between $10-16.00 per month.  This option is perfect for those of you that want someone to tell  you what to make and how to make it.  Plus you only need to block off a few hours 1 day a month to make all your meals for the whole month!!!   learn more about Once a Month Meals here

The third option is the Body Works/Ptacek’s Meal Service.  This service will give you healthy, easy to cook meals and you don’t even have to do the grocery shopping!  You get 3 days worth of recipes (and the food for the recipes) for 2 people or for 4 people.  This is a weekly service.  The recipes and the food is seasonal.  This option is best for those that don’t have the time to do the grocery shopping and are local.  You can  Find more about this program here  The price range is between $49.99-89.99 per week

Let’s keep the healthy eating going this year by joining one of these fabulous programs to help us!!  Make sure to share with us what option you try.  We would love to hear your feedback!!

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