5 Tips on Gym Etiquette

The New Year is here!

 You have made your New Year’s Resolution’s and you are back to the gym for a workout or starting at the gym for the first time.

Congrats on taking the hardest step…….going to the gym.  The gym may look intimating with the equipment, people, weights, benches, classes…etc but these tips will help you to feel more comfortable using the gym this year.

  1. Ask for an equipment orientation.  Your gym should give it to you for free.  If not, find a new gym.  During an equipment orientation they should show you how to use the cardiovascular equipment, the strength equipment, where the locker rooms are and answer any general questions you have.
  2. Wipe down the equipment after you use it.  There should be towels or a container of wipes on the wall OR some gyms use a spray bottle.  If you can’t find anything, ask someone.
  3. Don’t be afraid to push the buttons on the cardio machines.  You won’t break it.  Find out what each program does and you may find a new one you like.
  4. Put away the weights you use.  If you put plates on the barbell then put them away when you are done.  Don’t think someone else will pick up after you.
  5. This is the most important one…ASK FOR HELP.  If you are unsure of ANYTHING ASK a gym employee for help.  They are there to assist you and make sure you feel comfortable.  If you belong to a gym that doesn’t have employees, switch to a different gym that will help you.

I wish you all the best in reaching your New Year’s Resolutions.

These easy tips will help you to get comfortable with your gym and help you to have the best experience possible.  I would love to hear what your tips are or what you struggle with at the gym, comment below so we can help each other out.

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