Home for the holidays

Are you heading to family or friends for the holidays?  If so here are some easy, quick tips to keep you healthy during this holiday season.  BONUS- read to the end to get a holiday workout!


When most people travel whether it’s by plane, train or car it’s a lot of sitting and fast-food eating.  These tips will give you some different options to the traditional fast foods joints.

  1. Bring a water bottle with you.  Staying hydrated will keep you feeling full so you aren’t mindlessly eating
  2. Pack snacks that give you a protein punch!  Protein bars, trail mix, peanut butter sandwiches, string cheese..etc are all great options and those snacks travel well.
  3. Move around.  Every 2-3 hours get up and move around.  If you are in the car, stop at a rest area and run around the car or play a 5 minute game of tag with the kids.  If you are on an airplane or train get up and walk the aisles.
  4. Bring something new to do.  Whether it’s a new toy for the kids or a book for you.  Doing something that is new is exciting and will keep your attention.  When people get bored they tend to eat just for something to do.  Don’t fall into that trap!

BONUS workout!!!   Here is a quick, effective, body weight workout that you can do so you still look great in the LBD (little black dress) come New Year’s Eve!

Home for the Holidays Workout

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