How to eat breakfast

We all have been told to eat breakfast.  We know that those people that eat breakfast actually eat less calories throughout the course of the day than the people that don’t eat breakfast.  We also know eating breakfast is good for your body, it gets the mind and body going and helps us start the day on a healthy note.  I also know that sometimes it is HARD to eat breakfast before running out the door.  Some days we are running behind or so busy getting everyone else feed we forget to eat.  So, here are 5 quick and easy breakfast ideas that you can implement today:

1.  Protein smoothie and hard boiled egg (cook the egg the night before)

2.  Instant oatmeal, it’s full of fiber and filling.  Add peanut butter to it for an extra protein boost

3.  Greek yogurt with fruit

4.  Whole wheat toast with peanut butter

5.  Protein bar and fruit


All of these ideas can be made in minutes or you can make them at your work or get them from your work cafeteria.

Cheers to a healthy start to the day!

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