Summer Workout

The warm weather is here!  We all want to be outside enjoying the sun but don’t forget to take some time to get in your workouts.  You worked hard all winter so don’t let the warm weather derail your goals.

If you go to a gym here are some tips you can do to make your strength workout shorter yet still effective:

1. Don’t take a break unless you need to.  Most people waste so much time taking breaks when they really don’t need to.

2. Focus on large muscle groups: legs, back, chest and shoulders

3. Lift heavier weights with less reps/sets

4. Do 1 exercise for each large muscle group: squats, deadlift, push ups, row, plank


If you workout at home, here is quick body weight workout you can follow 3 days a week

click here to watch video


These tips will help keep you on track towards your goals even during the summer months!


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