5 Easy Ways to Stick to Your Diet

Dieting is hard, but here are 5 easy steps you can put into practice today to help keep your willpower strong the next time someone brings in donuts to the office!

1.  Stop calling it a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.  Yes, some days your willpower will falter and you will eat the donut, that’s ok.  Enjoy it and move on.

2. Keep fruits and veggies cut-up and in the front of the fridge.  If you see them, you are more opt to eat them.

Bag of carrots, all ready to eat!

3.  Keep healthy snacks at your desk for when the afternoon munchies hit.  Examples-almonds, carrots, string cheese, whole wheat crackers with peanut butter.

4. Before going out to eat, check the menu online and decide what you are going to eat.  You will be less likely to be swayed by what other people are ordering.

5.  Drink water.  If you feel hungry, drink some water first.   Dehydration feels the same as being hungry.  If you still feel hungry 10 min after drinking the water, have a snack.

Now it’s your turn- Share with us what your tricks are to sticking to your healthy lifestyle.

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