New Year’s Resolutions-Yes or No

With 2015 starting everyone is talking about making their New Years Resolutions.  Most people make a fitness or diet New Years resolution and 80% of those people will stop going to the gym or dieting after 4 weeks, another 10% will stop after 8 weeks.  That leaves 10% of the people in March still trying to make their New Years resolution work.

This year I’m going to suggest a different way to attack your New Years fitness/diet resolution.  First, choose a plan you can stick with long term.  Any product that claims rapid weight-loss is not sustainable for a long time.  Plus, you will gain all the weight back you lost so quickly.  Second, decide what it is you really want and be specific.  Saying I want to lose weight is different then saying I want to lose 20lbs.   Once you become specific with your goals you can make a plan to get you there.  Third, get help/support.  If you don’t have any idea how to lose weight or how to start an exercise program, find a professional that can help you or even ask your friends what they do.  Make sure your family and friends are supportive of your goals.  Let them know this is important to you and ask them to help you with making healthy choices.

If you implement these ideas you will be part of the 10% that does stick to their New Years Resolutions and you can share your success story with your friends.

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