The Magic Pill

The ever elusive magic weight-loss pill that everyone wants.  I have found the secret!

Before, I tell you what it is, what would you do to lose weight?

  •  Would you starve yourself?
  •  Would you run for  1 hour a day?
  • Would you stop eating out at restaurants?
  •  How about exercise most days of the week or would you learn to make healthy choices?

It seems these days that everyone is looking for the magic weight-loss pill to help them lose weight.  I want to know why?  Why do you want the magic pill?

  • Do you want short term quick-fix?
  • Do you just want to lose weight without having to do the work?

Alright, I’ll tell you the secret………………..Eat healthy, exercise and REPEAT. EVERY. DAY.  This is the ONLY magic weight-loss “pill” that works for life-to EAT HEALTHY, EXERCISE and REPEAT.  It’s not sexy, it doesn’t sell commercial time and people certainly don’t like this answer, but it is the TRUTH.

If you REALLY want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to be willing to get outside your comfort zone and learn how to make healthy choices.  It’s not about being deprived, it about learning how to make healthy choices that you can do for your life.

Decide what your goal is and go after it.  It will be hard, but if you really want it, you can do it!  Find a friend to exercise with you (it makes it more fun) and start eating healthy (fruits, veggies, protein and whole grains).


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