Why women should lift weights

Women and Weights

How many times do you go to the gym and see a woman lifting weights?  Not that often, right.  You see men lifting weights and women on the cardio machines or in a toning classes because they don’t want to “get too bulky”.  I am here to debunk the myths of women and lifting weights.

I am a huge proponent of women lifting weights.  I lift heavy weights.  I have my clients lift weights.  Lifting weights, and I’m talking about more then 5lbs ladies, has so many benefits.  Here are a few:

  1. More muscle=less fat
  2. the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns while at rest
  3. reduces your risk of osteoporosis
  4. reduces your risk of other diseases

I could go on and on about the benefits of women lifting weights.  There are a lot of medical studies out there to prove the benefits of women and lifting weights.

Let’s debunk some of the myths:

  1. You are going to “bulk up”.  Wrong-women don’t have enough testosterone in their body to “bulk up”.  Lifting weights will actually help lean you out.
  2. In order to lift weights I have to use the heavy barbells.  You don’t have to use the barbell.  You can use dumbbells or your own body weight to start.  If you want to use the barbell make sure you are working with a certified personal trainer that can guide you.
  3. I’m going to hurt myself.  Learn how to use the weights and what exercises you should be doing.  Concentrate on doing the move correctly and breathing.
  4. Weight lifting is boring.  I suppose it could be if you like to watch TV while on the cardio machines. So, put your headphones on and listen to some music while you lift weights or focus on your breathing and the move you are doing.


Grab a friend, head to the gym and learn how to lift weights and watch your body change.  If you are local join me at Body Works on March 30th at 5:45pm for our Women and Weights Seminar.  You will learn how to lift weights the right way, learn how much weight to lift and all about sets and reps.

Call Body Works to reserve your spot.  It’s a FREE seminar.  Body Works 715-262-2053 or www.bodyworksprescott.com

If you are not local you can still learn all about lifting weights with me online.  Check it out at www.personaltrainingwithlisa.com

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