How to Blast Fat and Gain Lean Muscle

When you are at the gym do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?  Should you do group exercises classes, the treadmill, group training, and what the heck is semi private training.  Body Works offers a lot of different options to our members.  We want you to be able to choose what works best for your fitness goals and your budget.  Most people are familiar with what a Group Exercise Class is , that same for cardiovascular machines.  Group Training is training done with a personal trainer and a group of 5+ people.  It is weight loss based.  It is a great way to reach your goals and be held accountable, but it’s still fun and you have the group with you.

But what about Semi-private training?  Semi Private Training is new to the Prescott area.  It has been around for years though.  Semi Private Training is training with a personal trainer and a small group, generally two to four people.  Semi Private Training is geared for those that want to blast fat and gain lean muscle. This also comes with nutritional guidance and meal plans for the individual to follow. Semi-private training is great for people who like the motivation of a group atmosphere, who are looking to lose fat and gain lean muscle and who still want a personal trainer to individualize their workouts.  Plus, Semi Private Training is easier on your pocketbook as you are “sharing” the cost of the trainer.  So, if you are looking to change up your workout, to reach your fitness goals or you just need help starting somewhere Semi Private Training is for you!



If you are interested in a 1 week trial of Body Works’s NEW Semi Private Training fill out this form and a trainer from Body Works will contact you to help you get started!

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