Summer Slim Down Success

Summer Slim Down Success

We finished our Summer Slim Down Challenge at Body Works on July 31st.  It was a huge success!  I am so proud of the participants.  They worked hard, followed the meal plan and achieved success.  As a group they lost over 120lbs and 245 inches!!!

This group met 2 days a week to workout with a personal trainer.  They also received homework to complete on their own and a meal plan to follow.

april before during after

Group Training provides structure and accountability.  Workouts consist of cardio intervals and strength training.

carrie l before after

These are just a few of our before and after pictures.  I am so proud of them!!

There were challenges but there was also success.  Losing weight is more then just losing weight.  It is about learning how to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life.

tracy before during after

If you want to know more about Group Training, Semi Private Training or how you can be healthy while still enjoying life contact us at or

The time is NOW, let’s start making your health and fitness goals a reality!

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